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Just a note of appreciation to the C.O.R.E. staff and owner Nathan Bliss for the excellent care and concern during my recovery from recent orthopedic surgery. My 8” scar over my achilles tendon and graft donor sites behind my knee have healed completely with minimum of scarring. I have full range of motion and feel stronger every day. I wish that I had known of the benefits of skilled and coordinated physical therapy. I would have referred many of my patients during my years of active medical practice.
— Tad Fujioka, M.D., F.A.A.F.P., Huntington Beach, CA
When I finally made the decision to go forward with my total knee replacement surgery, I recognized that choosing the best rehabilitation physical therapist was going to be very important to achieving full recovery. After my surgery, I received a list of recommended physical therapists from my in-home therapist, reviewed their websites, and chose three whom I wanted to interview. Having gone to many physical therapists for knee injuries before, I didn’t want to go to someone who would just rush me through the therapy then put me on exercise machines. I knew that I wanted a tailored program that would help me quickly recuperate from surgery, but more importantly build strength and balance so I could return to an active lifestyle.

I can’t say enough great things about Mike Glabman and his staff. Mike understood my goal but kept me on a track to make sure I allowed my knee time to heal and still make progress during the critical first six weeks. Now that my knee has stabilized, Mike has designed a program to strengthen and improve my agility, which has additionally been great for a whole body workout. Mike spends a great deal of time watching his patients to make sure that stretching and exercises are done correctly and explains the purposes of each. All the staff are super attentive and constantly encouraging patients. I have already surpassed what I thought I could and I owe it all to C.O.R.E.!!! Heartfelt thanks...you truly are the best!!!
— Dorinda Jung, Huntington Beach, CA
What a wonderful experience it was at C.O.R.E.! My personal trainer recommended C.O.R.E. for a total body rehabiliation process even though it was my shoulder that needed work. I am so glad I took her advice! The staff are well trained professionals who are so knowledgeable, careing and friendly too. I hated to say goodbye once my therapy was finished!
— Janet Foster, Irvine, CA
My wife and I both profited immensely from the intelligent, warm and compentent physical therapy given to us by Nate, Mike and Stacey at C.O.R.E. We both are active individuals and when plagued with shoulder, wrist and hip problems, the staff at C.O.R.E. remedied our ailments well.
— Jon and Sylvia Meyer, Long Beach, CA
I’d like to thank the staff at C.O.R.E. for the remarkable care provided to me during recovery from multiple shoulder surgeries. Thanks for getting me ‘back in the water’ in record time— your therapy protocol was so precise and targeted that I was given clearance to surf in 10 weeks!!! As I told Dr. Kramer, I am quite shocked to have had two major shoulder surgeries beginning in January and April of this year, yet I was able to start surfing again in June, and I haven’t even skipped a beat!!! In addition to the great therapeutic care, I’d also like to thank you for the personal aspect you bring to the job. I watched you get personally involved with each and every patient, so you could fully understand what they were trying to accomplish during their healing. I owe you for everything you have done for me.
— Joe Bookout, Huntington Beach, CA
Thank you for making dreams possible!
— Nancy Ishizawa, Cerritos, CA
Thank you so much for your care the past months. Although it was hardwork, I’ve enjoyed every one of my visits. I will definitely miss all your warm welcomes and friendly faces.”

To all the Aides: “It was a joy to be acquainted with each one of you. Good luck in your future endeavors - always follow your dream!”

To Nate: “Thank you for your EXTREME patience in explaining, guiding and encouraging me in every step of my rehab. You have made a difference in my life!
— Evan Pang, Fountain Valley, CA
I came to C.O.R.E. as a 68 year-old with stenosis (pinched nerve) in my neck. After hands-on work with Nate, coupled with his recommended flexibility and strength training, all my symptoms were gone. My goal was to correct the problem with diligent training and no injections or other invasive medical intervention, and with Nate’s help, I succeeded. The staff at C.O.R.E. is so outstanding and the environment so positive that I elected to continue there with supervised general fitness training. I made so much progress that I felt comfortable undertaking a 40-mile High Sierra trek carrying a 25-pound backpack. It was no problem. I have recommended C.O.R.E. to several friends and will continue to do so. I plan to continue training at C.O.R.E. for the long term.
— Barry Waldman, Huntington Beach, CA